Setting Intentions to Change Your Outcome…

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When we set goals, or start to change, it can be easy to get pulled off course. Think about your goals. Have you ever given up, lost momentum, focus or got sidetracked? The more we can keep our focus on what we want, the easier it is to achieve it. When we are focusing on what we want we tend to be more decisive, get less distracted, waylaid or let other priorities of people’s agendas take preference. We then tend to feel better about ourselves because our actions are in alignment with our thoughts, goals and purpose.

In Huna philosophy, and in Scientific experiments, it is stated that energy flows where attention goes. When you focus your mind on what you want, you are sending energy towards what you desire, and influencing the nature of your experience. You are opening up the possibility of it occurring.

Here is a simple yet profound process to help you keep focused. It is based on Scientific Principles, so don’t underestimate its power!  It is creating a habit of setting Intentions for yourself. Taking the time to write them down and referring to them throughout the day or week.

Here is how to create an Intention Card for yourself.

  1. Obtain a 3 x 3 card, or thick paper and write a brief summary of your Intention on one side. For example, if you are focusing on weight loss or giving up junk food, an overriding focus could be focusing on eating healthily every day. You would write “My Intention is to eat healthily.”
  2. On the other side of the card, consider an action question that would help you keep the focus on eating healthily. Write it down starting with the word How. For example “How many ways can I continue to easily enjoy eating healthy food today?” Make sure you use words such as “How can I” “easy” “even more” “continue too” “effortlessly” (Our Subconscious mind is lazy and likes simple precise statements!)
  3. Place the card in your bag, pocket or wallet.
  4. During the day, whenever you think about the card, feel it, or a thought pops up about food and eating, take it out of your pocket or bag. Breathe in and out to centre your attention, read both sides to yourself out loud.
  5. Clearly imagine what the statement on the card means to you. Feel the feelings of  being, doing or having what you have written on the card. Be aware of the answers you receive during the day from your driving question.
  6. Keep this card with you for up to 30 days, or longer, until it becomes a daily habit, just like brushing your teeth!


The purpose of writing out an intention card is to shift your focus to what is written on the card, which makes it easier for you to manifest your desired result as well as to create the strategies necessary to achieve your results.

Give it a go today.  Try it for all areas of your and watch your results! For more success tools please visit and download your free Success Report today!