Our emotions can at times feel like a runaway train, even for people who have not been involved in an abusive relationship it can be difficult to manage the stress, anxiety, fears and pressures of daily life.

For the one in three women who have been affected by domestic violence, painful emotions become an embedded feature, something to work around, push down and flatten out behind the mask of the coping, functioning, holding it all together woman who is doing the most amazing job at seeming to be getting over it to the outside world.

In the short term this may seem like a good plan just to get you through what’s happening here and now, but in the long term, suppression of intense feelings like hurt, anger, fear, guilt, hate, betrayal, worthlessness and the many other toxic emotions you may be holding on to are hurting you even more because clinical research has shown that you are changing your body chemistry and your neurology. Over prolonged periods of time these chemical changes can lead to the development of illness or disease, as well as issues with mental health.

The development of beliefs about yourself as a result of past experiences adds to even more toxic feelings washing over you like the daily tide creeping in.

Releasing these sometimes extraordinarily deep core emotions brings you back to who you really are, the woman who has been locked away behind her façade of “the getting on with it” act. The you who laughs easily, is able to unwind and relax, is creative, open, adventurous, trusting, grounded, intuitive and warm.

  •  The release of fear allows clarity of thought and feeling
  •  The release of anger allows love
  • The release of guilt allows freedom to choose
  • The release of hurt allows calmness
  • The release of hate allows peace
  • The release of betrayal allows gratitude
  • The release of judgement allows acceptance


The Life 2 Project's work is based in energy psychology methods, particularly EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Matrix Reimprinting, a cutting edge method developed from and using EFT. These methods form the "Heal" aspect of our four pillars to recovery.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT ) sometimes called “Tapping” or “Emotional Acupuncture”, is a natural cognitive and meridian energy therapy, a combination of ancient chinese acupressure and modern psychology. It is a natural technique of tapping on end points of the body’s energy meridians combined with focusing the mind on a specific emotional issue or problem. It is a simple self-help technique that anyone can learn and use in the moment when needed.

Matrix Reimprinting, created by EFT Master Karl Dawson, is an energy psychology technique which combines the use of the bodymind with quantum physics and New Science, for rapid personal evolution. Matrix Reimprinting uses EFT within the MR technique to heal and change your relationship to your past which dramatically transforms your physical and emotional health in the present. As Caroline Myss says ‘our biography becomes our biology’

We offer these techniques through our retreats, workshops and in personal sessions.

Heal the past, embrace the future, enjoy the now.

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Check out Bruce Lipton's book 'The Biology of Belief' or his You Tube documentary.