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One Day Retreat

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Our One Day Retreat is designed for those who have limited time to dedicate toward their own self care, but want to make big changes toward recovering from trauma associated with domestic violence.

This space has been created for you to have a deep experience of healing and nurturing amongst passionate, dedicated women.

This private, women only one day retreat, is specifically designed for women who have been successful in leaving an abusive relationship, and are now ready to let go of the past and create a new future.

During this unique day long session you will participate in persoanal one on one work with our skilled practitioners, and, as part of a small group, you will learn new skills to be able to handle stress and challenges as they arise in the future.

Our gentle, non confrontational approach ensures your comfort throughout the day as you build your knowledge and skills, and connect with the group.

Our focus is on a holistic approach to gently recovering, and on building wellness.

AND enjoy a nutritious and delicious gluten free lunch and snacks.

To express your interest in joining us please contact us via the form below or call 0412 200515.

Subsidised places are available, please enter your details in our contact form below and enter "subsidised" in comments (confidential)

Full value of a place on this day of nurturing is $295

To become a sponsor and provide one or more placements please contact us via our form and select "Sponsor a Retreat" or email

YOU are worth the effort

YOU are worth the effort, you are ready... you know in your's time to start letting it go.


Experiential one on one sessions with one of our specialist practitioners allowing the body to gently release and relax.


Learn powerful techniques to release stress and negative feelings that you can take away and use when you need.


Educational session to explore and understand the brain, body and emotional connection that leads us to feel, think and behave the way we do.


Support and connection with a community of other inspirational women and the chance to begin a deeper connection with yourself.