Creating peace and balance after an abusive relationship

Logan - 10 Week Workshop Series from Friday 19th July 2019

10 Workshops for women in the Logan Region who have experienced domestic or family violence. Fully funded by Logan City Council.

Each Friday, 10 am - 12 pm at Kingston East Neighbourhood Centre, 177 Meakin Rd, Slacks Creek, Qld

Casual child care is available, please call the Centre to book on 3808 9271


Our 10 week, multi layered program offers women who have experienced domestic and family violence the opportunity to join 2 hour weekly sessions. You will learn to effectively reduce and manage stress, anxiety and a host of other related feelings and issues. You will learn to use EFT (tapping) for yourself & your loved ones, make changes to your subconscious thoughts and feelings, understand how your mind & body respond to stress & trauma, create & embed a self-care routine that supports you every day. Connect with an amazing group of women who really get you & where you've been.
Our program also offers access to personal sessions for each participant to utilise if and when issues arise that may require a private space to work through with a practitioner. It is normal for traumatic and difficult memories to arise during group work that need some deeper personalised exploration and release. We consider these sessions a vital safety net that offers reassurance that you are fully supported and feel safe to express yourself. A light lunch is provided after the workshops offering time to connect and socialise.