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Australia is leading the world in recognising domestic violence as an issue which can potentially impact on workers and workplaces, with over 1 million Australian employees now covered by domestic violence clauses in their agreement or award conditions.

The Safe at  Home, Safe at Work project brings together a collection of resources developed as part of the Domestic Violence Workplace Rights & Entitlements Project…

I remember when I was in the thick of the issues at home my job was my escape, my safe haven and a place where I knew that I was respected and valued. I had the comfort of knowing that for the hours that I was working there were no eggshells beneath my feet and no fear of sudden outbursts.

After I left my relationship things became difficult to manage. I became a single parent, my stress levels escalated dramatically, I had financial challenges and I began to need extra time off to deal with court issues, appointments with professional services, doctors and therapists, as well as being there to support my children. I soon ran out of annual and sick leave entitlements and  inevitably my work and productivity suffered. The stress of holding it all together at work and at home became too much to bear. There was no provision in my workplace agreement for issues relating to domestic violence, so I eventually had to say goodbye to my corporate career. This brought about more stress, a sense of failure, feelings of hopelessness and isolation.

If this reminds you of someone you know, or if you are experiencing something similar please visit THE SAFE AT HOME SAFE AT WORK website for information and resources. You are entitled to support.